Kickstart Your Year With A 7 Day Body Reset


Disease can only be in the body when the terrain allows it.

Resetting your body or Detox is ridding the body of cellular waste, impurities, acids, parasites, fungus, mucus, toxins, chemicals, and heavy metals. Detox happens when taking a food vacation, eating only fruit or a fully raw diet for a period.

Detox eliminates disease, alkalizes and restores the body, and suppresses the growth of bad bacteria. Detox steers up waste, and dumps it via the elimination channels. Like draining a swamp. Detox is like taking the trash out, dumping waste for the promotion of a healthier terrain.

Detoxing removes obstructions and acids that cause inflammation that block the nutrients to the cells.

The body will naturally detox when the conditions are right or in serious cases the body will fast you. This is the body’s own mechanism to divert much needed energy from digestion to the immune, lymphatic and endocrine systems. Giving the body energy to expel intruders, obstructions and or congestion.

Detox is a lifestyle change: committing yourself to a healthier way of living.

Fasting is a transfer of energy from digestion to heal and repair.

Detox reverses the aging process.

Detox is not just cleaning up the physical body, it can also be an emotional journey. Emotional charge from past experiences, pain and trauma become cellular memories and will start to surface during detox.

Making consistent healthier choices restores health and wellbeing.

Why Is A Body Reset / Detox Important ?

Detox is important to prevent disease and live pain free. Detox cleans up the mess from toxic death-styles and life’s accumulations. The body becomes a swamp on the standard diet of cooked food, becoming a swamp and swamps are perfect breeding grounds for disease that fester away until cleaned out.

Detox is important because we do not live as nature intended. The environment has changed and we now eat outside of our specie specific diet. And modern farming techniques have destroyed the biodiversity of the soil, making food 50% less nutritive. We are a pumped up society, living and eating artificially, stimulated and constantly accumulating trash. Making detox vitally important to give the body and mind a rest, allowing it to dump waste for the promotion a healthier terrain. If we are not eliminating then we are accumulating and this is what disease is, a body full of toxic waste.

How A Body Reset / Detox Works


When the body is given the right conditions, it will immediately start to detox, meaning it will dump waste. During a detox, waste and toxins are stirred up and steered toward the elimination channels. The channels of elimination are the colon, the skin, the lungs and the urine.

Vital life force is activated through the release of stagnation in the body.

Benefits Of A Body Reset / Detox


Immediate benefits are clarity of mind, relief from constipation, gas and bloating, and the skin tightens and softens. Greater lung capacity, hormones balance, increase in energy, blood sugars normalize, bowels move better, reverses aging, weight loss and a deeper connection with self.

Symptoms dissipate and disease will fall away with a long term fast.

When working through the layers of a detox everything becomes clearer both in body and mind.

Body Reset / Detox Symptoms While Cleansing



During a detox, mild or severe symptoms may present, this is called a healing crisis or passage. Removing toxicity is not always fun.

Detox symptoms can include sweating, itching, fever, gas, runny nose, headaches, fatigue, loose stool, nausea, swollen glands, general aches and pains, and heightened emotions. The more toxic you are the more pronounced the symptoms can be.

Everything that has been suppressed and locked in over a lifetime will steer up and start to move. Emotions, coagulated food, hardened fecal matter, heavy metals, sulfur, toxins, pharmaceuticals, and stimulants will all move given the opportunity. The elimination gates open and systemic gunk will pour out of every orifice.

If you are feeling it, then you are healing it. A healing event can sometimes be intense or painful, as the body tears down the walls of diseased and damaged cells. Anything that is experienced during a detox is ok, every experience is different and individual to the individual. Some people have a difficult time during a cleanse but most people breeze it with only mild detox symptoms like a coffee headache and or fatigue.

Emotions will arise during a fast and you may find yourself becoming irritable, mad, and sad. Mood swings and cravings are common.

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