Client Testimonials

Angy-Lee Marcon

Most people I know are waking up to understanding their physical bodies HAVE to be taken care of!! I went to see Louise and she is just brilliant! She does a complete blood analysis, shows you exactly what in your eating plan is working for you and what is not. I am still in the detox phase, but feeling SO very clear and super happy with my healthy road ahead!!! Here are her details for those who are keen... It is worth it! You only have one body, take care of it 😁

Sandra Rose

Louise Ann Chettoa is truly phenomenal! I started my journey with her in Oct 2020 and I have never looked back. If you are constantly battling with unexplained illness, allergies, your weight, liver problems, kidney disease, IBS……the list goes on. Just do this for yourself. Make an appointment. It will change your life. It has changed mine 🥰

Terri Tanna Maselle

Working with Louise got me healed me from 6 years of being bed ridden with Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. I live a completely normal life.I encourage anyone who battles with CFS/Fibromyalgia to invest in what Louise has on offer.

Karen Van Huyssteen

Dear Louise. My friend Linda told me that you sorted out her tummy issues so I decide to come see you too. Thank you for literally saving my life during the worst sickness I have ever experienced. I love your calm relaxed way and all the expertise you show about health facts and medicinal cures. I would love to come to you for personal training one day. All your advice on my weight and eating issues have been spot on. I would and have without doubt recommended you to many friends and family. Take care and all the best for 2022

Ilze Bosman

I would recommend this to everyone out there. This is where true health starts. My whole life changed when I did a Live blood analysis.

Ankia Damalis

I will be forever grateful for what Louise taught me about nutrition. Changed my life!! 🙏🏼

Keitumetse Asnath Monaheng

I was introduced to Louise by a colleague back in 2016 for weight issues. She does all that amazing analysis and shares information with you about what she found and how we are to resolve them. She helped me loose reach my targets then. What I appreciate the most is her availability to offer support, she's amazing.

Yashil Somers

Again I would like to say a major thank you to Louise for this eye opening experience. I decided to visit a nutritionist just to make sure everything is in order with my body. Upon my visit I was humbled with a hard dose of reality thanks to Louise’s amazing factual diagnosis based on my blood. Louise went out of her way to spend time to provide me with advise on how I need to go about the next 3 weeks in terms of a body reset, outlining the food do’s and don’t’s… she was available and guided me through the 3 weeks to make sure I come out at the end of it with the end goal in mind. Upon my follow up I was pleasantly surprised to see how much has changed in a positive way just by following the reset program! Louise went even further to help me structure a healthy eating plan for the future that aligns more with my blood type. I would 100% suggest this type of blood diagnosis and recommend Louise to help others on their journey to a healthier or balanced lifestyle!